Essay Lot is a custom essay writing service with vetted top essay writers. We write original term papers, cheap essays, and thesis FROM SCRATCH within any deadline. With us, you can be sure that there is No Plagiarism. We are a premium essay help company that only engages vetted writers who are experts in their field of study.

Why Our Essay Writing Service is Loved

Find the cost of your essay

Easily get the cost of your assignment by filling in the order form without making the payment – Very Affordable. Discover the cost first.

Find the cost of your essay

Easily get the cost of your assignment by filling in the order form without making the payment – Very Affordable.

We write Any Type of Papers and handle All Writing Assignments.

1. Qualified vetted writers

Our writers are highly professional. We ask for their academic qualifications and test them thoroughly before trusting them with our customers’ orders. Our writers have specialized and gained expertise in major academic fields. They write quality essays that have made our customers stick to us and have also attracted new customers.

2. Affordable service

We value the budget of our customers. When setting the prices of an essay we put both our customers and writers’ interests into consideration. Our prices are determined by the academic level of the essay, the number of pages needed, urgency of the paper, type of paper need, and the level of writer you need to write your paper.

No plagiarism

One of our main goals in essay writing is to provide our customers with plagiarism-free papers. We educate our writers on the need to usually write original work. We usually use plagiarism checking software to detect any similarity in the written work before submitting it. We provide customers with plagiarism reports for confirmation.

Following instructions

It is our writers’ responsibility to follow the customer’s instructions to the latter. They are supposed to read the instruction given carefully before even placing their bids. Our customers can monitor the work as it is being done. They can confirm whether the writer is following the instructions and can clarify the information more.

The customer owns the paper

Our writers do not include their personal information in the papers they write. They leave spaces that the customer, after receiving the paper and confirming that it satisfies them, can include their personal information. The spaces are under the format the customer provided when ordering the paper.

Unlimited revision

Our customers can ask for revisions as many times as they want. This is if they think the paper could be better. The rule that applies in revisions is that the customer should not change demands with each review. Revisions are free of charge and are done by specialists and other different writers.

1. Secure ordering

Our ordering system is safe and secure. It is very easy placing an order. We provide options that you click on in every step. We provide a space where you can write your instructions carefully. Our systems make sure that all payments are made using the website safely. Confidentiality is our priority. Canceling f an order can also be made according to the rules and regulations.

3. Free title page and references.

There are services that we usually do for free. The title page requires minimal work from our writer and it is not charged. It is usually not included in the page count determining the price. Referencing is also done for free no matter the format required.

3. We have writers on every discipline of study

All disciplines that we have displayed on our website have qualified writers to do them. Our writers have specialized in different fields. They studied different courses in school making them specialized in different professions. This ensures we cater to students pursuing different professions too.

4. Direct chat between writers and customers

We dot encourage communication between writers and customers through emails or calls. That is why we have a chat page on our website. Using this chat page, the writers and customers can interact without interruption from a third party. Customers can monitor their work and writers can ask for further clarification.

5. Urgent deliveries, even in 3 hours

We make sure that deadlines our clients set are fully adhered to. Even urgent deadlines that are as tight as 3 hours are usually met. Papers with such deadlines are given to expert writers who perform the magic in the short time provided. These urgent essays are usually expensive. They require much effort from our writers.

6. We offer 24/7 support

It is our responsibility to ensure that our customers enjoy the experience on our website. we provide information that they most ask about on our FAQ page. When the customer needs further help our support team is always available. They have expertise in customer care and give replies as fast as possible.

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One Writer for your Assignments

After your first order, you will have a chance to work with one writer until the end. This ensures consistency and constant trend. Your papers will have the same tone and the writer will study your course better – Good Grades.

Term paper season coming up? Are you among students who put off research and writing until the last day? If so, then you’re in luck because we can help you hand in your work on time. Our term paper writing service is designed to meet even impossible deadlines. If you have procrastinated for the whole term, have no idea where to start and what to do, send over your brief to us. With us, you’ll get:

It is always a struggle to find cheap essay writing services. Our website solves your problem by providing you with cheap essay writing services. This helps offer many students academic assistance. Our main aim is to provide top-quality essays at cheap reliable prices to our customers. We consider the budget of students to make essay writing services available to every student. To make cheap essay writing services available we have devised economical price packages. We provided everything you need at extremely low prices.

Despite our services being cheap, we offer crazy discounts to our writers. On the discount coupon space provided on the website, you can use the coupon given to you to receive a discount. Offering discounts is solely our discretion. Using our discount policies equal bonuses and discounts are offered to all our customers. To check on our latest discounts and offers, check our banners on the website, mostly above the header. Also, you can chat with our customer service.

Why Our Essay Writing Service is Legal

1. We provide model papers

Our website offers sample papers. This helps show the customer what he or she should expect if they order custom essays from our website. Model papers are free. There are model papers for each type of essay. The customers can analyze the format used and the content on the essay and decide if we suit writing their essays.

2. Sources of ideas

The samples we offer can provide an insight into the sources our writers use to write essays. Most of the content all over the internet today is distorted and can lead to people writing essays that will score low grades. Our writers use only trusted sources of information such as books, journals, and credible web pages.

3. Help understand the subject

When you don’t know the subject matter of a particular essay, you are most likely to spend a lot of time doing studying it. Do not waste time looking into internet resources, journals, and books. We will provide you with a paper that consists of everything you need to know about your subject of study once you order papers from us.

4. Guide on how to cite

Citing sources the right way helps you avoid plagiarism. Through samples we provide and customers buying our quality essays, they learn how to site the right way to prevent plagiarism cases. This is important for those who want to know how to write and cite an essay. Citing includes adding quotation marks in primary and secondary sources while referencing the original work of the author. Citations differ depending on the writing format used.

Why Students Seek Essay Writing Help

1. Burdened with homework.

Homework refers to all tasks that instructors give to students to be completed outside the class. Schools today have devised rules that each instructor must give homework to students. This leads students to strain to complete them. Some have to burn midnight hours and yet won’t complete the work.

Essay writing services offer help in such circumstances. Essay writing is not a simple task and students get burdened to lack social time. In a study, there was a relation between social factors to students cheating. A student may not complete several essays in the given deadlines. Students, therefore, can choose to buy essays to reduce the burden and concentrate more on easier essays. This helps the students manage their academic life easier.

2. To get better Grades

Why Students Seek Essay Writing Help

Essays are the most used form of assignments in learning institutions today. Students who are poor in writing essays may find themselves in a situation where they have recorded a series of bad grades.

Nobody usually wants to be associated with failure. Failure may lead to further complications such as stress among affected students.

Such students usually end up seeking help from essay writing companies. Custom Essay writing services provide these students with quality essays that will help them get better grades.

Additionally, essays from essay writing services are written by professional writers. Students don’t have to fail anymore.

3. Too busy with work

Some students work and study simultaneously. It is usually hard to manage both. In circumstances where you are the breadwinner and have to pay your school fees, you can’t let anything affect your job. Sometimes you get too busy and hours you get to study and do essay assignments are very few.

This will make you panic when you realize you can’t beat the deadline. Essay writing services offer you a sigh of relief. All you will have to do is place an order with the right instructions and all will be done for you. You will finally be able to manage work and school perfectly.

4. To relax, stress-free

Some students usually want time for their selves for enjoyment. This was a reason cited for a rise in contract cheating among students. Fun activities such as watching a football match, watching movies, hike with friends, playing video games, or even taking a nap are canceled when you have essays to write. You will have to choose between fun and your academic life.

Some students also are just lazy and find the writing of essays as a very stressful activity. Essay writing services provide a better solution to all these. Once you order custom essays you can have all the time to yourself to do everything you feel like.

What or custom writing service is all about

Custom writing can be defined as the process in which writers write unique content that meets the requirements of the customer. It involves finding content online that is similar to the client’s order and spinning it to make it original. To be good custom essay writers one is required to have skills such as:

Custom Writing by Top Essay Writers

  • The ability to make good content.
  • Good proficiency in the English language.
  • Having good command over the computer.
  • Ability to meet the client’s deadline.
  • Always available
  • Customized to client’s instructions

Even with these skills, writers must strive to improve their writing skills by doing the following:

  • Using online tools that identify spelling and grammar errors.
  • Proofreading your work after completion of the order.
  • If the clients require changes you have to make them.

Custom essay jobs received in most academic writing websites include:

  • Literature and research reviews.
  • Physical sciences and applied sciences case studies.
  • Essays and papers for high school, college, and graduate programs.
  • Movie and book reviews.
  • Editing and proofreading all types of essays.
  • Scholarships and admission essays.
  • Curriculum vitae
  • All types of thesis dissertations.
  • All kinds of business writing including analysis, data research, white papers, and reports.
  • Articles, web content, and blog posts.
  • Professional resumes
  • Professional and academic presentations.
  • All types of bibliographies including annotated bibliographies, abstracts, and proposals.
  • Professional journal articles meant for publications.

Our essay writers are the best experts you can get in academic assistance because we make sure that all our writers are of good quality. They are all experts in the specific fields they write about. This expertise depends on the writer’s academic qualifications and experience. Most of our writers have vast knowledge and are passionate about writing in their specific fields of specialization.

In addition, all our essay writers are verified before they make their way into our team. The verification includes multiple tests among them grammar tests and writing skills tests. Tests are usually done and submitted in a short duration of time We take caution when it comes to new writers.

At the same time, orders submitted by new writers must be accessed by our quality assurance team and senior writers. This ensures that the customer’s needs and expectations are fully met in the order. The new writers rise through the ranks depending on the quality of their work.

Our prices vary with the task and urgency of your assignment. Therefore, it is possible for customers to get the cheapest custom essay writing services, especially when they select the right pages and deadlines. This is because the prices we charge depend on deadlines, level of education, number of pages for the work, and the level of writer you want to write your essay.

Doctorate essays are not charged the same as college essays. Advanced writers are paid more than new writers and the more the pages of an essay the more the price.

Cheap essay help service
Cheap essay help service
  1. The cost per page depends on three main things;
    Paper’s Urgency – how soon do you need the paper, the sooner, the more expensive. we even do 6 hours. Long deadlines are charged the lowest
  2. Your level of study – college papers have fairly low charge compared to Ph.D. or business writing that are charged highest
  3. Technicality. Technical papers are charged higher than less technical orders

Best Homework Help

Get the best homework help from our writers who are experts in different fields of study. To score the best grades, you need to work with the best – that’s what we do.

Best custom essay writing service

Cheap Essay Help Services

With expert writers we offer cheap essay help to guide you achieve your academic goals. Relax and let the burden be on us, and hassle-free to you

Custom Essays

Persuasive Essays

Argumentative Essays

Research papers

Capstone Papers

Term Papers

Online Discussion Posts

Taking Online Tests

Online Exam Taking

Process of ordering our custom writing online

You can buy essays online by following the process below:

  • Select or fill in the type of essay you want to be written. Several websites provide a list. If it is not on the list, you can type the name of the essay type in the space provided.
  • Select or fill in the discipline that your type of essay belongs to. Disciplines may include business studies, philosophy, English 101, and many more.
  • Provide the academic level of your essay. High school, undergraduate year 1 and 2, undergraduate year 3 and 4, graduate, and Ph.D. are the most available level of studies that essay writing companies mostly deal with.
  • Write the instructions the writer should use to write your essay in the space provided. Remember to re-read the instructions to make sure that you have not made any mistakes that will contradict the information given by instructors.
  • Select the format of your paper. The main formats that are used in writing include Chicago, Harvard, APA, and MLA. This usually depends on the format that your instructor requires you to use.
  • Set the deadline for your work. The deadline is usually accompanied by the price the essay will cost you. After selecting a deadline, you can click on the ‘Submit’ button to complete the process.

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