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et our verified assignment help writers do your homework. Get cheap homework help online service with no Plagiarism and Timely Deliveries for Good Grades. We write FROM SCRATCH and will deliver quality essays and papers that score high.

With expert tutors and writers in every field of study, our company has created a reputation in online homework help by assisting students with their assignments.

It is the quality of services we offer that has driven us to the top. Some of the services we offer include; academic writing, proofreading and editing, and professional or business writing.

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Get your Homework done in 4 steps

1. Make an Order

Make your order in a few clicks. It is a Fast, Simple, and a Secure process that takes minutes if not seconds.

2. Provide Instructions

Upload all the instructions for your assignment, including the syllabus and the grading rubric. Give us a deadline.

3. Relax and Wait

Enjoy your time as our expert writers study and write our assignments. Do what you love as we take your burden.

4. Download your Paper

An email alerts you to download the completed work. We complete assignments before the deadline for you to review.

Why our Online Homework Help Service is Unique

While having grade-oriented services is our main strength, here are some of the reasons why you should choose us to do your homework;

1. Plagiarism-free papers and essays

Our main aim as a company is to ensure that there are no cases of plagiarism reported by our customers. To make this possible, we educate our writers on the importance of providing plagiarism free work.

We have put several measures in place to combat plagiarism among our writers. To ensure that we do not send our customers plagiarised work, we check all the work submitted by every homework writer.

Homework Help with no Plagiarism

If plagiarism free, it is sent to you, if it is plagiarised another of our writers correct the work before we submit it to you. To check for plagiarism, we use top-rated plagiarism checking software.

These include are Turnitin and SafeAssign. We value our customer’s satisfaction. This is why we ensure the work you receive is of high quality.

2. Timely Assignment Help Service

Our homework writers are dedicated to meet the deadlines given by our customers. They are or were scholars and know what deadlines imply.

For sure, this is why they treat deadlines as if they are their own and complete the customer’s work in time. Assignments with tight deadlines should not worry you anymore.

In addition, our college assignment writers are specialized in such deadlines and will make sure that your work is delivered as you required.

Therefore, if you wish to pay for an assignment, and worried about deadlines, place an order with us and be sure that your work will be provided to you in line with your timeframe.

3. Assignments of Any formatting style

Our college homework tutors are skilled in all academically accepted formatting styles. These styles include APA, MLA, Harvard, Chicago, Turabian among others. Whether it is editing a paper to your preferred format or writing it from scratch, we make sure that it is done to perfection.

There are no limits. Even if the style you need is unique and used by your institution specifically, send a template of the style and our college assignment writers will follow it to the latter.

4. Confidential Homework Assistance

Many customers are concerned with whether academic writing services are confidential. This is one of the main aims of our company. Because we use term paper ghostwriters, you can feel free and safe to work with us at any time.

We require minimal personal information from our users which will only be used for account creation and activation. To avoid any display of personal details we provide our customers and writers with identification numbers or customer numbers.

Transaction details you give when making transactions are encrypted. Thanks to our well-advanced technology. This technology ensures these details travel or get transferred through safe channels.

We only trust global services such as PayPal with transactions. Your credit card information is safe with them and you don’t have to worry about it. Educational authorities and instructors cannot get any information about our customers. This is within our work ethics.

Though confidentiality is a need we guarantee, our customers should know that:

Neither our company nor our partners will in any way be held responsible for any kind of our customers’ unethical wrongful and illegal use of products and materials obtained from our website. The customers are responsible for any disciplinary action that may be taken.

We are not to be blamed if the instructor knows that you did not do the work you submitted. This is because you asked us to do the work out of your free will. We did the work for you, you paid us and we provided the work to you.

It is your sole responsibility to go through the work and own it before submitting it to instructors. Our Homework writers leave spaces where you are supposed to fill in your personal details.

Get Reliable but Cheap Assignment Help Services

Online services that offer to do your assignments are not always cheap. This is why we strive for our very best to make our services available to every student in need. The main goal is to make our top-quality essays available at justifiable and reliable prices to our customers. We usually consider the budget of most students when setting prices.

Cheap Do My Assignment online services

There is no need to charge expensively for essays and in the end receive no customers. We have devised economical price packages that favor most of our customers.

At Essay Lot, we provide everything you need at extremely low prices. We offer crazy discounts to our customers even though our essay writing services are cheap.

Our website has a discount coupon space that you enter the code we give to you to receive a discount. It lies in our discretion whether or not to offer discounts. Our discount policies ensure that equal bonuses and discounts are offered to all our customers. The prices we charge depend on several factors.

These factors include deadlines, level of education, the level of writer you want to write your assignment, and the number of pages of your work. Masters’ essays are not charged the same as undergraduate essays. Advanced assignment tutors are paid more than new ones and the more the pages of an essay the more the price.


Why Students Love our Assignment Helpers

No Plagiarism

We write all papers FROM SCRATCH to assure you of Originality. We scan all papers for Plagiarism.


We guarantee full refunds if you are certain the instructions were not followed.

Confidential Service

Privacy is everything here. customers and writers interact on a No-Names Basis

Focused on Grades

Our writing is focused to follow instructions and aimed at the best grades

Timely Delivery

Privacy is everything here. customers and writers interact on a No-Names Basis

24/7 Service

We are fully online 24/7 to ensure delivery of orders, even with a 3-hours deadline

Reasons why Students seek Online Assignment Help

Most students frown when they are given assignments. Students seek solutions to their homework online. The following are among the main reasons;

1. Not having enough time

Not many students can manage their time properly and make time to do their homework. There are circumstances where you are overwhelmed by many assignments and you can’t manage to tackle all of them.

In other cases, students have responsibilities that they spend most of their time doing, therefore, reducing their time to do assignments. Some students are breadwinners while others are caught up in unavoidable circumstances.

These unavoidable may include risking being sacked by skipping work. Students in all these situations don’t get enough time to do their homework.

2. The desire for Better Grades

Why Students seek Online Assignment Help

Most institutions use assignments to determine the final grades in certain subjects or units, and this is important to students.

Students may take time to read, understand, and do the assignment but are not assured of getting a high score.

Sometimes it is hard for students to get content that will help to do assignments from school workbooks.

As a result, the burden leads to students having the need to seek help online from reliable assignment help services.

Our company guarantees high-quality work once you place an order with us. To be sure that we are reliable before placing an order you can read through the customers’ reviews.

Here you will get an insight from our customers of how their experience working with us has been. Our customers have made us even better. Feel free and confident to work with us.

Check the details of the college homework tutors and writers we provide. Read about the writer and check their profile before selecting him or her to do your work. This will help you identify the most appropriate one in your specific field of study.

4. To relieve the Homework Burden

Most students seek online help for their assignments because of the burden of homework given by their professors. It is a common problem in the global educational scene.

In a research study, 85.7% of student respondents supported online homework help and its continued use. This shows that there are a need and demand for services like ours. As a result, it casts away the doubt of whether dom my assignment services are ethical or not. This shows the need.

4. Lack of Writing Skills

Most students seek our assignment help because they are not able to write for themselves. They either do not know or are not taught. Every time you think of academic work, homework must come into your mind. It is a policy or a tradition for professors and tutors of every institution to give homework after lessons.

Homework and assignments usually have a big impact on the academic life of students. Assignments determine grades students score. Therefore, if you are poor in a certain area, you will need to ask for help from online services.

5. Busy with Work and Family

When you are busy, completing your assignments becomes hard. This combined with the set tight deadlines makes many students panic. With our assignment help, you don’t have to panic anymore.

To help, we provide precise papers and deliver them on time. We believe that nobody can beat our expertise. We have homework writers who are experts and specialized in different academic sub-disciplines. You should not worry about your paper not getting college homework helpers to do it.

6. Need to beat Plagiarism

To ensure that we have offered you the help you need, we make sure that we provide you with plagiarism free work. We make sure that before delivering your paper accidental and intentional plagiarism instances are eliminated accurately.

We do this is by using both online and offline plagiarism detectors. Our college assignment writers are professionals and know the dangers of plagiarism. We usually instruct them to check the work done for plagiarism before handing it over.

Get verified Assignment Tutors to Do your Homework

Academic writing services are offered to students of all academic levels. That is from high school to Ph.D. students. All you have to do is make an order, complete the payment and wait for your paper via email or download it on our website. We help you beat narrow deadlines. We offer assignment help in over 96 subjects.

We provide you with study tips that will help you plan your study time and help you do future assignments. Apart from doing assignments for you, we are dedicated to making sure that you can tackle assignments in the future. This feature is optional. We provide these tips to students who buy essays from us and feel they need them.

In addition, you can monitor your work as it is being done. You can offer corrections and provide further clarification to your assignment writer. You have to note that you cannot contradict your initial instructions when offering further clarification.

New ways to do your college assignments

Not so very long ago when someone needed help with their school work or homework, tutors were hired or a family member would step up and help. when you come to think of it, these methods had a lot of limitations. What if there was no family member with the skill?

What is there was no time for the family member to help? What if there was no good college homework helper in the area. How was one even beginning to search for a well-equipped writer who would come at a reasonable price?

These days, college homework help is cheaply available online. Students can easily find college homework tutors online in times of need. Our tutors are always professional and will help do your assignment perfectly. Within a couple of minutes, you will find an assignment writer that fits your need and favors your budget.

We offer help in the following different subjects: medicine, science, math, architecture, programming, physics, computer, engineering, business, accounting, finance, economics, geography, marketing, statistics, philosophy, history, and chemistry.

Others include HR management, biology, sociology, literature, astronomy, psychology, and tutoring. We also offer help in various languages including English, French, German, Italian, Chinese, Spanish, Latin, and Portuguese.

Common Do My Homework subjects

Some of the common areas we deal with in the Do My Homework services include statistics, math, computer science, physics, biology, English, economics, finance, and accounting. We also provide our students with tips that help them learn better.

Apart from these common assignment areas, for doing your assignment is professional and business writing. Some of these services include PowerPoint presentations, business plans, resumes among others.

As a result, we engage in editing your papers and tasks. Our editing and proof-reading services are top-notch. Our specialized team gives your paper a quality editorial touch to help you excel.

Your work is thoroughly researched before the final composition is made. Sufficient time is usually invested to investigate the subject matter of your work no matter how hard or tricky the topic is. We accumulate relevant literature and a variety of information sources also before we start to write your assignment.

When we do your homework, we go through it and edit it before submitting it back to you. It doesn’t matter if the paper is complex or bulky. We will always find time to revise your paper and make the necessary changes effectively.

Pay someone to do your Assignments

It is always a daunting task for students these days to look for websites that are reliable in offering homework services. Students look for cheap homework help because top grades have become hard to score. Also, homework overload is real and schools expect results. Plagiarism which has been taken as a serious offense in most institutions can lead to expulsion. Essay Lot has been established to help students who have previously been frustrated by writing services with poor quality and plagiarized work. We strive to make sure that we provide you with quality 100% original papers that we deliver on time. The following are the services that we offer:

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Can your Tutors help me with my homework?

Can your Tutors help me with my homework?

Of course, we can help you do your homework. It doesn’t matter the subject. We have writers specialized in different fields. All you have to do is ask “can you help me with my homework? We will quickly respond by assigning a writer who will offer assistance to you.

The writer will write a quality plagiarism-free paper that will help you shine in your class. Unless you don’t want to pass with flying colors then you don’t have to ask us for help. You can just contact us if you want to achieve your goals.

With our help, you can have all the free time in the world. You can get to watch movies, hang out with friends, or just relax your mind and body while we work on your assignment. When you come to think of it, it is like waving your hand and get your work magically done.

We are also aware that students are suffering from problems out of their control. These problems may cause mental stress and therefore students may find it hard to study leave alone doing assignments. They may be willing but they cannot do and complete them

If they can complete them, the likelihood of scoring poorly is high. This may stain the image of the student academically. We started our company to help such students. We help them do their assignments and they can concentrate on solving other problems.

If you cannot complete your homework, there is no need of waiting for a miracle. All you have to do is ask us to do your homework. We guarantee confidentiality, originality, timeliness, cheap services, and other benefits.

Can you help me with my homework for free?

Can you help me with my homework for free?

There are no homework writing companies that offer to do assignments for free. All you can get is cheap charges. Apart from the cheap charges our company offers free extras. These include:

Free formatting

We format papers free of charge. If your paper is in APA format and you need it in MLA format and vice versa, we can do it for you freely. The other formats we provide are the Chicago and Harvard format

Free title pages

We do not charge anything for title pages. It is usually not included when calculating the price based on the number of pages.

Free outline.

We provide our customers with outlines of their assignments if they ask for them. Outlines present the main talking points or topics in essays.

Free plagiarism report

Many plagiarism checking software provides similarity or originality reports after checking documents. There is no need for us to keep hold of these reports if you need them.

Other free extras that we also provide include free table lists, free table of contents, free list of graphs, free appendices, free list of figures, free abstracts, and free list of references.

Cheap Assignment Writing services but not free

We understand the doubts customer usually have when placing orders. The majority of the customers may want to know the quality and accuracy of the assignments we do before placing orders. They do this because they want to clear any doubts that they have before deciding on whether to order the assignment or not.

Customers ask for cheap college homework helpers or free trials to clear these doubts. We do not offer free assignment trials to protect our writers’ work ethic. We offer free drafts instead of trials. Preliminary drafts will show how the essay will look like after completion. The draft consists of sketched work that lays the foundation of the work that will follow.

If you pay for a trial, we will provide it to you. If it does not fit your standards you can ask for a refund. For refunds to be approved, papers must be accessed by our quality assurance team. They make sure that the issues as to why you are returning it are valid and that you are eligible for a refund.

There is no need for all this hassle when you can make sure that your assignment is being done correctly. When you place an order asking us to help you with your homework, you can monitor it as it is being done. You can guide the writer and provide more clarification to make sure that the end product is what you needed.

Should I do my Homework or let you do it?

Should I do my Homework or let you do it?

Has your homework piled up to an extent you feel that you cannot do it all alone? Are you occupied at work and there is no enough time to do your homework? Have you done college assignments there before and have failed terribly? Do you need to enjoy yourself but assignments have proven to be a stumbling block?

If you have answered yes to the above questions, you should let us do your homework for you. Our team of qualified homework helpers and statisticians are available to offer you help. Being one of the most reliable homework writing services online we employ best homework writers who understand what exactly your instructors are looking for.

This is because they are qualified and have been at that stage themselves. Your paper is professionally done with guaranteed 100% plagiarism-free content. There will be no mistakes in your paper. We proofread and edit the paper before submitting it. This kind of paper will make you score high grades and receive praise from professors.

No matter how tight the deadline is, we make sure that we deliver your paper in time. Even papers due in six hours are done by our experienced college homework tutors and delivered to you in time. Our customers should note that longer deadlines have advantages. Not only do they guarantee cheaper prices but also they give homework writers ample time to conduct research and give your work a touch of perfection.

Our college homework help service is not only extensive but cheap. We help you calculate mathematical problems, solve equations, do abstracts, theses, write essays, hypotheses, bibliographies, citations, and research. We are always committed to providing the best for you and that is what you should expect.

You should not get yourself stressed by drowning yourself in work. Just contact us and get the job done. We know how important homework is in your academic success. That is why we have made ourselves available throughout to offer you help in any time of need.

Academic writing services

We offer academic writing services in all levels of study starting from high school to Ph.D. We offer assistance in a variety of subjects, all you have to is to place an order on our website, make the payment needed, and wait for the paper on your email. Additionally, we offer study tips to our users who need them. These study tips have helped thousands of our users learn better.

Editing and Proofreading

We have professional editors who go through any work before it is submitted to the customer. If you have a paper that you want to be edited and proofread, don’t hesitate to submit it to us. Our specialized editors will give your paper a perfect editorial touch. The service they offer is top-notch and will help you excel in the best way possible.

Professional or Business Writing

Have you been given the task to come up with a business plan or do a PowerPoint presentation and don’t know where to start? We offer you all the help you need. Just place an order and we will do the work for you perfectly. We will also deliver the work on time. other business writings we are involved with include cover letters, resumes, and CVs.