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Our expertise and experience in the academic writing industry have moulded us into the best website to buy essays from. Here are the core values that make every student love our essay services.

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Plagiarism is a serious offense. Most essay writing services try to avoid it as much as possible. Plagiarism-free essays are the priority of us as an essay writing company that delivers.

Graded essays determine the efficiency and quality of service offered by the company, especially when the results are out.

To curb instances of plagiarism, companies educate their writer on matters of plagiarism. They put tough disciplinary measures in place that will apply to writers involved with plagiarism.

The writer may get disqualified or receive no pay because the focus of the service is for the customer to buy original essays online.

Most companies use plagiarism checkers to check for plagiarism. Plagiarism checking software mostly used include Turnitin and SafeAssign.

These two work by comparing the work provided with their databases and all online content available. The databases of these checkers consist of papers that have previously been checked.

A similarity report is produced. This shows the percentage of similar content detected. Papers with high similarity reports are not forwarded to the customer and are redone.

To ensure that we keep our word on “no plagiarism”, we provide our customers with plagiarism reports. This is to help them confirm that the work we have sent to them is plagiarism-free.

The plagiarism report is usually optional. Some customers may have their means of detecting plagiarism. This is why our Do My Homework service gives a plagiarism report for every assignment we write.

In addition, we deliver even on tight deadline offers. We write essays that are due in a few hours for our customers. Though the prices of these essays are high, the quality of essays we deliver fits the price.

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At EssayLot, we do not ask our customers for a lot of information. We only need a few details for account creation. Also, we guarantee confidentiality with every information given to us by our customers.

To make sure our customers help us maintain confidentiality, we have come up with principles that they are to follow.

Our clients need not to share personal contacts with writers. These include names, emails, phone numbers, or institutions of study. Any communication with the writer should be done on the website chat page.

This communication also has to be confidential for one to buy original essays online.  Documents and files need to be uploaded on the order page. When writers are offline use the support team to reach them.

Customers should avoid sharing their login details to their institution website with the writer. If the customer needs to provide files he or she should send them through the order page. There should be no sharing of any personal information with our writers.

When it comes to payment, it is only safe to pay your order through the Essay Lot website. Scam accounts may be used to cheat you. You should not also pay the writer directly.

This will stop you from exposing your account information. By paying through the website you are guaranteed a transparent money-back guarantee. We also do not collect any of your credit card information.

More importantly, our essays are of the best quality. We know this through our customer reviews. They talk of the nice experience they have had interacting with us and how the essays helped them get quality grades.

Why Students Buy Essays from Us

Our essay service is loved because we complete original essays all written from scratch, affordable to every student. Here is why we are loved;

Timely Delivery

Beat Deadline

Our writers are professionals and make sure that they adhere to the deadlines provided by our customers.

Support Service


Our support team is always available to answer questions that do not appear on our FAQ pages.

Quality Guarantee

Mone-Back Guarantee

EssayLot offers money-back guarantees if you score less due to writer error and its a full refund.

Buying Essays Online from Professional Writers is Safe

We ensure that it is safe to buy our essays since we write quality content and seek to avoid plagiarism. One of our main guarantees is that we will offer you is original essays. Our writers strive to write plagiarism-free essays.

Buy essay papers from our professional writers

Buy essay papers from our professional writers

At we never question the professionalism of our writers. The criterion we use to acquire our writers makes us believe that they can compete with top writers worldwide. The quality essays they offer our customers makes us have no doubts about them.

Buy essay papers from our professional writers
Buy essay papers from our professional writers

Before a writer qualifies to be one of our writers he or she must pass several tests. The first test is a grammar test. This is a must for the websites that sell essays to students.

Questions that test all components of grammar are provided. One has to score at least 80% in the short time provided to proceed to the next step. Once one fails, he or she cannot repeat the process for at least six months.

Once you pass the grammar test you have to write an essay on a random topic within a short deadline provided. The essay is scrutinized and accessed by our top writers who have the final say on its quality. Writers also have to provide their academic credentials to prove the level of study they have reached.

A writer then rises through the ranks depending on the quality of the essays he or she delivers. Essays written by new writers must pass through experienced writers who access their essays before they are sent to the customers. This ensures that our customers receive quality essays all the time.

Our guarantees for every Essay you order from us

Our guarantees for every Essay you order from us

1. Original Essays with No Plagiarism

Our first and main guarantee is that we will offer you is original essays. Our writers strive to write plagiarism free essays. We have plagiarism checkers that we use to confirm and be sure that the essays our writers have written are original. We provide our customers with plagiarism reports to confirm the originality of essays we deliver.

2. Timely Essays with no lateness

On-time delivery is another guarantee we offer. Our writers are professionals and make sure that they adhere to the deadlines provided by our customers. We make sure we deliver on time and give you a two-weeks duration to return your paper for revision if need be.

Buy Graduate Essays cheap
Buy Graduate Essays cheap

3. Up to date Sources

We also guarantee the use of up to date sources. We direct our writers to use updated resources such as books and journals and researches. Updated resources usually have unique content that helps our writers write you quality essays.

4. Friendly Support

We guarantee our customers 24/7 support. Our support team is always available to answer questions that do not appear on our FAQ pages. Our support team is quick to respond and you can reach them through emails, live chat, calls, and text messages.

This helps us to keep our customers and attract new ones. We offer the best quality writing services. Our prices are considerable since we mind our customer’s budget.

5. Money-Back Guarantee

At EssayLot our essay writing services come with 100% money-back guarantees. If you score less than 60% in the essay we delivered, you are eligible for a full refund. If you want to cancel an essay being already written, the refund depends on the time the writer has spent writing your essay.

If our customers feel that the work that is done is of poor quality and need a refund, our dispute managers will solve the issue respecting both the concerns and interest of our customers and writers.

Can I Buy Essays Online without being Caught

Can I Buy Essays Online without being Caught

Writing essays is never easy. It requires one to plan thoroughly, research, and write a top-notch essay. A student may not have time for all this. Therefore, paying someone to write your essay is an option.

pay someone to write my essay
Can I pay someone to write my essay

This lightens your workload and makes you concentrate on other important issues. Writers are more willing to start your paper from scratch till the end. They provide quality essays that will make you want more of their services.

It is usually safe to pay someone to write your paper for you. This obviously should be a writer from a credible website. These writers are always available 24/7. This makes it easy to order papers and make queries at any time you feel like.

When you pay someone to write an essay for you, you will monitor the essay being done and provide further clarification where possible. None of the information you provide is shared. Among the many websites that sell essays to students, ours is different. Our Confidentiality is guaranteed.

Students should know that most institutions are against the buying of essays. Therefore, you should go through the final draft and own the knowledge in the paper. No company or writer is to blame if the instructor notices that the work is not yours.

How to Safely Buy Essays from this Essay Website

Why should you buy an essay online?

Essays are the most used forms of assignments by many instructors. Essays are not easy to write. You may find yourself in a situation where the deadline is fast approaching without you completing an essay. This situation happens mostly for students who work and study at the same time.

They are always faced with a dilemma and end up preferring work to study. They have to work to sustain their life at school. Buying essays online is music to the ears of these students. They don’t have to deal with last-minute rush and panic anymore. They can maximize their working hours for more gains.

Buying essays online is an option for students who are poor in writing essays. Essays play a huge part in one’s academic life. Essay writing services usually have qualified, experienced and professional writers. They work to provide customers with quality essays. These essays are plagiarism-free, well-formatted, well-referenced, and well cited. You are guaranteed high scores when you buy such essays.

When you have a problem with the flow and structure of your essay, consider buying an essay online. Most websites that sell essays to students employ native English speaking writers. These writers perfect your essay with nice language command and preferred structure.

How to buy essays online safely?

Buying essays online has become one of the most preferred activities for many students. To buy essays online, you need to complete several tasks. First, you have to know whether the website you intend to use is credible. Look for customers’ reviews that talk about the services the website offers.

After proving that the site is legit, log into it, and create an account or provide an email that is mostly used to contact you. Most websites usually need the customer to fill in several details. You have to select the type of paper you are ordering. It can be a research paper, argumentative essay, term paper book review, etc. Select the discipline that the essay belongs to.

It can be literature, history, film, music linguistics, etc. You are also required to provide the academic level of your work. it can be high school, undergraduate, graduate, or Ph.D. level. Give the length of your paper in words and pages. The most important part then is to write down the instructions that you require a writer to follow when your paper is being done.

You need to be clear and use an easily understandable language. You should also not forget to provide the format that your paper should be in. APA, MLA, Harvard, Chicago, or any other format of your choice. This is a must to select since the websites that sell essays to students do so by following their instructions.

Also, to buy original essays online, set the deadline for your assignment. Place the order and monitor your work as it is being done. When your work is sent, go through it and make sure that it is okay. Insert your institutional details to make the paper yours.

Does paying for essay service work?

It works if you are buying from a credible company like our custom writing website, EssayLot. These companies will not only provide you with quality essays but also plagiarism-free essays, with a good flow and structure. The consistency of an essay writing service also should be a consideration for one to conclude that the service works.

It is not worth it getting a high-quality essay from a company today and getting a low-quality essay later. Though buying essays from websites that sell essays to students is not cheap, it is worth it. It is worth if you get high-quality essays that will help you perform well academically.

Several factors can make buying an essay not worth it. If your essay will not be completed in time, then it is not worth buying. If the essay will not be original, it is not worth buying. The price that you will have to pay for plagiarism is too much. If your instructor can notice that you did not write the essay, then it was not worth buying the essay.

This is because you will be risking your academic life if you do not buy original essays online. With this in mind, you should make sure that you know every point in the essay. It is easy for instructors to know you did not do the work if you dot answer a question drawn from your work.