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Get reliable but cheap essay writing services from top vetted essay writers. As experts in their disciplines, we deliver Urgent Essay Help even in 3 hours.

Our service has No Plagiarism. This is a top priority in every essay writing service ordered. As a trusted service, we protect the work we do for our customers, and you need not worry about other people getting hold of it. This should be included in guarantees or terms of service.

Communication is another unique feature that makes us reliable. Our online writing system has a chat page that customers can communicate with writers. This enables you to give further clarification on the work being done.

Your writer can also ask you for clarification on unclear instructions. Through this chat, the customer also can monitor the progress of the work being done.

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We have expert writers who handle every assignment according to instructions and deliver quality work.

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We are always online to handle any deadline. Therefore, we deliver every assignment within the deadlines, even 3 hours.

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We have a team of writers and editors, who work to ensure everything is written from scratch and no plagiarism.

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Our support team works 24/7 to serve customers for a smooth user experience. Check out today! Make an order.

Best Reliable but Cheap Essay Writing Service

It is always a struggle to find cheap essay writing services. Our website solves your problem by providing you with cheap essay writing services. This helps offer many students academic assistance. Our main aim is to provide top-quality essays at cheap reliable prices to our customers.

We consider the budget of students to make essay writing services available to every student. To make cheap essay writing services available we have devised economical price packages. We provided everything you need at extremely low prices.

Despite our services being cheap, Essay Lot offers crazy discounts to our writers. On the discount coupon space provided on the website, you can enter we code give to you to receive a discount.

Offering discounts is solely our discretion. Using our discount policies equal bonuses and discounts are offered to all our customers. The prices we charge depend on deadlines, level of education, number of pages for the work, and the level of writer you want to write your essay.

Doctorate essays are not charged the same as college essays. Advanced writers are paid more than new writers and the more the pages of an essay the more the price.

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We have the Best Essay Writers for you

We do not question the quality of our writers. The orders they complete rarely come up for revision and our customers’ reviews say it all. We have taken measures to ensure that our writers provide plagiarism free work. That is usually our main priority. All writers also adhere to the customers’ set deadlines. No customer work should be late by any circumstance.

Our writers have areas of specialization. We do not allow writers to write from many disciplines. We usually encourage our writers to have mastery in particular fields of their strengths. To make sure that we get quality writers we have to prove the quality first.

Writers are required to submit their academic qualifications to us. This proves that you completed studies in known institutions. We then give grammar tests to writers where their knowledge of components of grammar is tested. One must at least have a score of 70%.

After passing the grammar test the writer is given an assignment that is due in a few minutes to test writing skills. Once one has completed and passed these tests, he or she is good to go. These are the measures we put in place to ensure that we get good writers.

Personalized Essay Help

Get personal essay writers for your college essays

Personal essays are essays that explain important lessons learned from the life experiences of the writer. These essays can be inspiring, a warning to others, or uplifting experiences. High school students mostly write these essays for college admission.

Our writers follow your instructions to the latter and make your experiences more accurate. Personal essays can be either formal or creative nonfiction. The conversation tone is used when writing these essays is important because you need to create a connection with the reader.

Our experienced writers will structure your essay as you need. Introductions with hooks and personal statements, bodies with main points and evidence of your essay’s thesis statement, and conclusions with moral lessons of your story and a revelation of deeper truth.

All our writers follow the most accurate process of writing personal essays. Our writers also find content online that can add up to your experiences and lessons. This helps them come up with an extensive accurate essay. The quality of your paper depends on the writer. This is why our writers strive to provide the best services.

Last-Minute Essay Writing

Reliable last-minute essay writing service

Are you in a panic that your essay deadline in a few hours? Are you already crafting a story that you will use to lie to the instructor? This occurs when you begin to postpone writing essays.

Last-minute assignments may cause stress and if repetitive they may lead to further problems. These include sleep disorders, improper time management, a serious break of nutrition diet among others. The workloads in these moments are higher than planned.

To avoid all these disasters, order essays from us when the deadline is proving unbeatable. Our ever-ready writers will write your essay within the shortest time possible. Customers’ reviews have made us build trust in our writers for providing quality essays.

The customer needs to know that the tighter the deadline the higher the price. Through our website, customers can also learn the steps of writing an essay with nearly approaching deadline. These steps include:

  • Setting own deadlines for each task
  • Taking the first step
  • Dividing projects into smaller bits
  • Following the 25-minute rule. No work phase should take longer than that
  • Eliminating any possible distraction
  • Calming down your inner perfectionist
  • Thinking positively
  • Asking for help
  • Reminding yourself that the work will eventually end.

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Why Essay writing services are beneficial to students

Every academician knows that essay writing is not a walk in the park. Essay writing service refers to the buying of essays from professional writers to score better grades. Essay writing has evolved over the years. The introduction of grammar and plagiarism checkers has proved to be useful in writing quality essays.

Students find it hard to write essays on their own. International students find it hard to compose quality essays. They usually view the native English speaking students as having an added advantage when it comes to writing essays. The other students who fancy essay writing services more are part-time working students. It is very hard for them to manage both school and work.

When an opportunity is there for their school work to be done for them, they will take it with open arms. Students who are perusing complex courses or who are in higher levels of study such as masters and Ph.D. prefer buying essays. They tend to trust the writing skills of professional essay writers rather than writing on their own.

Other students are just lazy and would love someone to take care of their essays at any cost. Nobody likes risking failing tests and eventually getting bad grades. Essays writing services ensure this does not happen. You can buy quality essays online from us and earn the grades comfortably.

Characteristics of a credible essay writing company

Essay writing companies are flooded all over the internet. It is a growing business and the competition for customers is getting tougher day in day out. These companies are usually under pressure to implement measures that will attract new customers as well as tying their active customers to them. Even reliable essay writing companies are under pressure to remain relevant in the wake of competition for them to maintain their customers.

Qualities of services a company offers must be higher and favorable to customers compared to other companies for it to gain credibility. The more a company is credible, the more the customers it is likely to attract. The following characteristics can help customers identify credible essay writing companies:

Quality essays

This should be the main aim of essay writing services. Quality essays depend on the experience of the writer, level of education, and creativity. An essay writing company should recruit quality academic ghostwriters who will produce quality essays. Essays submitted to the customers will tell it all. The essays should get them good grades once submitted to instructors for marking.

Timely Communication

Communication is key in any essay writing company. Conversations can be made from the website to the customer, between customers and writers, or between the customer service and the customer. Completed work is sent through emails. It is therefore essential that customers give active email addresses.

Credible writing companies should also provide a platform that customers can talk to the customer care team for further explanations and help on concerns they may have had during their interaction with the website.

Reputation with writing essays

To know the credibility of a website you need to know what it is mostly known for. Companies that have existed in the academic writing business for long been known for their reputation. A good reputation can only be made by the company offering exceptional services and fully satisfying the customers.

Therefore, customers should have a look at reviews of previous customers who have worked with the company to learn about their experiences. A credible essay writing company like EssayLot should display and allow customers to review and rate the company through reviews. Searching for the website on the virtual market can give you an insight into how reliable the website is when offering services.

Reliability in delivering essays

Reliability draws a line between many essay writing companies. A company should strive to make sure that the customer’s work is original and protected. No one wants plagiarised work. A credible writing company should have high-quality plagiarism checkers. This ensures that the work that will be submitted to the customer will be original.

Swift services and Deadlines

This refers to how services get back to you. When you communicate with writers and the customer care team, how long does is it take for you to get a reply. Credible companies’ systems should make sure that customers get replies as fast as possible. The other issue of swiftness is on the orders made.

Credible companies do not drag your work past the deadline dates. The deadline set by the customers should be followed to the later. Some companies submit your work even before the deadline.


A high level of professionalism should be maintained on any service offered by essay writing companies. This mostly applies to writers. Most writers are usually professionals. Qualified teachers, doctorates and other qualified professional writers should be able to handle the work of the customer. All activities including communication should be done professionally.

Maintaining anonymity in online essay writing

Many customers are concerned with whether academic writing services will write their essays discretely. Our website makes sure that this need is met.

Feel free, safe, and secure to use our website at any time. The personal information we require from our customers is minimal. This is only for account creation and activation.

We provide customers and writers with ids for identification to reduce displaying any personal information.

Our advanced technology makes sure that your payment information and personal details you provided when creating your account are encrypted.

The technology makes sure that these details travel and get transferred through safe channels. Educational authorities and instructors cannot get any information about our customers.

Though we guarantee confidentiality and anonymity our customers need to note that:

Our company and partners will not in any way be held responsible for any kind of unethical wrongful and illegal use of products and materials obtained from our website.

In these instances, customers are responsible for any disciplinary action that may arise.

If by any chance your instructor knows that you do not own the work you present, we are not eligible for any blame.

We check for plagiarism before submitting your work to make sure that we do not expose our customers to danger.

For confirmation, we provide you with the plagiarism report. We do not sell your paper again even if another customer orders a paper with the same instruction. Every customer gets unique and original papers in every order they make.

Benefits of essay writing services to students

The benefits that essay writing services bring attract more people. Essay writing companies have professional writers. They can hands-down beat any student when it comes to essay writing.

Most essay help services have mastered the skill. All they do is write essays. They are experts in putting contents provided by the students into writing effectively and satisfactorily.

They are used to it and take a short time to complete essays compared to students. With these professionals, you are guaranteed of quality essays.

Essay writing services’ main goal is to ensure that the end product is what you desire. That is what our homework help service aims at. Through their websites, students can be able to communicate with writers.

Students can follow up through the whole process of essay writing. Students are therefore able to make sure that essays are written in the way that they desire the most.

Most instructors such as professors and lecturers are not fans of essay writing services. Some institutions usually have established rules concerning the disciplinary of students who buy essays. Sometimes even expulsion is an option.

All this said it is usually hard for instructors to detect bought essays. Essay writing service is not a bad idea if you look at it as a way of reducing the burden for students who have to conduct research and create content for writing a thesis. Helping students match the high expectations of professors is a good thing.

Essay writing services cannot be made illegal to students. Students in certain circumstances need them. High school students and all juniors should be discouraged from using essay writing services.

Classwork at this stage is easy, but only for those who know how to write essays well. Using essay writing services at the early stages will make juniors rely on them to get all their work done.

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Can I get a free essay writing service?

Can I get a free essay writing service?

No. we don’t do any essay writing service for free. We instead provide free extras. These include:

Free title pages.

You are not charged for the title page. It is usually not included when calculating the price based on the number of pages.

Free plagiarism report.

If you need the plagiarism report for proving, we can give it to you freely. There is no purpose of us keeping hold of the plagiarism report if you need it.

Free outline.

We provide our customers with outlines if they need them. Outlines present the main talking points or topics in essays.

Free formatting.

We change formats of essays freely. If your paper is in APA format and you need it in MLA format and vice versa, we can do it for you freely. The other formats we provide are the Chicago and Harvard format

Other free extras include:

  • Free table of contents
  • Free list of tables
  • Free abstracts
  • Free list of figures
  • Free list of graphs
  • Free appendices
  • Free reference lists and in-text citations

Can I get an essay writer free trial?

Can I get an essay writer free trial?

We understand the suspicion of our customers when ordering an essay. Many customers usually want to know the quality and value of essays that we provide. Customers usually want to alleviate any doubts they have before deciding on ordering an essay. To protect the work ethic of our writers we do not offer free essay trials.

Instead of providing free trials, we provide free drafts. The preliminary draft of how your essay will look at the end can be provided to you for free. The draft consists of a sketched introduction, main ideas that are given initial form and general direction for further development, and a sketch of the conclusion.

What we encourage as a company is that you place an order and monitor your essay being worked on. You will have your say on anything that should be done in your essay. This is what we provide to you so that you can build trust with us and end any possible doubts.

You can pay for a trial and we will deliver it to you. If the essay is not good you can ask for a refund. To receive a refund, the paper will pass through our quality assurance team. This is to make sure that the essay did not serve you the right way and that you are eligible for a refund. Students who used our writers’ essays and failed are also eligible for a refund.

How to choose the best custom writing service?

How to choose the best custom writing service?

Before choosing a custom writing service that you want to work with, you should consider the following:

Check their guarantees

Check if they offer the following guarantees

  • Online delivery.
  • Chat with writers
  • Use of up-to-date sources
  • Money-back guarantees
  • 24-hour available support.
Make sure they can write all types of essays

A company that offers good custom writing services should have writers that can do all types of essays. This prevents delays after placing the order. If you asked for a narrative essay and all they can provide is a descriptive essay, then the website cannot help you.

Do not go cheap

Cheap is expensive. Imagine buying a cheap essay and getting lower grades or finding it full of plagiarism. It is better to buy an expensive quality essay that will serve you better. Some websites offer free essays. The problem is they do not offer every customer a new essay. This puts customers into risks of being exposed to plagiarism. Essays are crucial in academic excellence. Instead of jeopardizing your academics with cheap low-quality essays, pay decently for the service.

Make sure that they can write any style of essay

Stay away from companies that cannot write all essay styles and formats. The main formats include APA, MLA, Chicago, and Harvard. Only good writers know the basics and formats of these writing styles. Companies that offer all of these styles make sure you can get the type of paper you are looking for.

Prove that the writing is plagiarism-free

Plagiarism is a serious offense that must be avoided at any cost. The company should provide you with a plagiarism report for you to confirm that your paper is plagiarism-free. Some companies may provide you with plagiarized papers and try to defend themselves unnecessarily. It’s better to avoid websites that will not provide you with plagiarism reports.

Does the company have an open line of communication?

Communication is essential in essay writing services. Make sure that you can communicate with writers of the company before trusting the company with your work. It should also be easy to communicate with support agents for help if you encounter any problem.